GPRS/GSM camera with 1Megapixel,night vision

GPRS/GSM camera with 1Megapixel,night vision

 It is a GSM/GPRS enabled IR camera that can be located anywhere in the world with GSM coverage to deliver full colour JPEG images or video clips from remote locations by FTP to server. The video and single images can be viewed on a PC ,and can be recorded on a local  SD card and later downloaded or reviewed via built-in Web server. There exists a Central Management System to manage up to three thousand front GSM IP cameras and ten customer consoles to access on line the same time. There are several ways to trigger the camera to take pictures: On demand, motion detection and schedule. It has higher stability and scalable architecture as it adopts the double-CPU system: One for Image process as well as system controlling and the other for GSM/GPRS module.


Product feature

1.There exists a Central Management System to manage up to thousand front IP cameras and ten customer consoles to access on line the same time.

2.Store and forward function. When the GSM Mobile Network temprory is not available, the pictures will be stored in the camera and then be forwarded to the center server when the GSM network is available.

3.GSM/GPRS Mobile Network, build in GSM/GPRS modem (SIM slot) with external antenna,quad band 850/900/1800/1900 MHz GPRS/EDGE network.

4.Live viewing.

5.Two-way speaking. The center server can initialize the voice speaking.

6.Several modes power supplier: Main power supply and backup battery supply. Once the failure of the main power, the backup battery will act on. Solar powering is optional.

7.Multi communction ways(MMS, Email, FTP, smart and scalable integrated PC software)

8.Various image formats (640x480, 320x240 is optional)

9.Picture trigged by several ways:

A.On schedule time

B.On demand from user

C.Signal from one of the sensors and etc

10.Up to 32 GB SD/SDHC card local storage

11.Night vision: Infrared LEDs, effective range up to 10 to 20meters, enables the camera to capture images in dark environment.

12.Watchdog built-in assure its stability



1. Geology and forestry monitoring rockslides, floods, fires, wildlife and vandalism

2. Transformer station surveillance

3. Construction site monitoring working progress and valuable equipment

4. Ferryboats, dredges and other marine acquiring the pictures you require from the vessel

5. Oil and gas pipelines surveillance

6. Power station surveillance

7. GSM BS Surveillance

8. Home surveillance

9. Traffic control

10.hydropower station surveillance

11.Insects observation

12.Agriculture observation

13.Street lamp monitoring

14.Meteorological station surveillance




Product Origin: shenzhen china
Model Number: WH_1M0GGSN_G
Brand Name: WH

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