3G video camera with 1Megapixel,solar power

3G video camera with 1Megapixel,solar power


Product Overview
It’s a real 3G network camera, supports both 3G mobile video phone monitoring and 3G traffic way Internet monitoring. It supports the WCDMA, TD-SCDMA and EVDO standards. 
The system provides the internet video surveillance software package that includes the windows PC version camera centralized control software, Android Phone/Tablet version client application, iPhone / iPad version client application and Flash-based camera centralized control web application.
The system supports the independent sub-stream 720p video recording. It supports maximum 32GB internal TF card storage. It supports 24-hours video recording, scheduled video recording, manual video recording, alarm video recording, video record searching, video record preview and video record download. The video record is stored as the standard AVI file.
The system supports the 3G hotspot function. The 3G bandwidth can be shared by other WiFi devices when the WiFi AP mode is enabled.
Main features:
For 3G mobile video phone monitoring functions including:
1.Call screening, up to set six license phone number automatically turn on when the permit number calls videophone
2.Videophone monitoring to ensure that the real-time monitoring of video transmission, content, more privacy, more smoother, sharper video. Mobile video source integration technology, simply a 3G SIM card can operate all the cameras in the LAN via video phone.
3.Support for simultaneous voice intercom
4.Through dynamic video prompts and DTMF input control, and manipulation capabilities of 3G mobile phone, including PTZ control, zoom, switching cameras, patrol mirror, video
5.Mobile phone motion detection arm / disarm
For 3G traffic Internet monitoring functions including:
1.Automatic dial-up access to the Internet, users can access the camera remotely via the Internet
2.Client remote Login camera, video surveillance, monitoring, PTZ control, zoom, switch camera, patrol mirror, video and other operating
3.Using H.264 video encoding, support for VGA, QVGA, 720P resolution
4.Using the AMR speech codec
5.Bandwidth adaptive rate algorithm automatically control the monitor image quality
Alarm function including:
1.The motion detection alarm function, user can set the sensitivity
2.Optional with infrared, door sensor, smoke detector, gas flu, on the radio, and emergency button alarm accessories
3.Videophone alarm turn to the preset alarm phone number to call back, can be set up to Six alarm number
4.Send alarm SMS, SMS alarm to preset numbers can be set up to three alarms number
5.Take the initiative to connect the alarm platform to upload video in video alarm platform
6.Front-end video, built-in SD card can be viewed remotely via phone or client
Web configuration management functions including:
1.A built-in HTTP server to support Web password Login
2.View equipment operating status: system information, the 3G network (3G operators, network type, registration status, IMEI code, signal strength, SIM card status, a dial-up connection online status, IP address, gateway address, DNS address traffic statistics), alarm settings (fortification disarm state, the state of motion detection settings, the sensor connection status, alarm status parameter of the alarm center, videophone, SMS alarm status, alarm recording parameters Number), Ethernet (MAC address, address type, IP address, subnet mask, gateway address, DNS addresses, Internet connection status), video source (lens type, bit rate, frame rate, resolution, OSD status), the audio source (audio source type (MIC / line-in), audio capture status, audio output status).
3.Configure the device parameters: Ethernet configuration 3G network configuration, video settings, audio settings, PTZ, motion detection settings, alarm settings, system time set
4.Management functions: Modify the login password, restore the factory default configuration, log query
5.Video window function: View real-time video, voice intercom, PTZ control, alarm
1.3G Network Technical Specification
 Bands GSM/EDGE:900/1800/850/1900MHz
 Transmission Speed HSUPA: download 7.2Mbps  upload 5.76Mbps
 HSDPA:download 7.2Mbps  upload 384kbps
 WCDMA:download 384kbps  upload 384kbps
 3G Video Transmission channel Video Call channel(CS) Data Network channel(PS)
 Incoming call filtering and authentication Supported. Password authentication
 SMS Support SMS sending
 Signal Strength Detection Support
 Operator parameter setting Auto/Manual
 SIM card lock Support
 Base Station Geolocation Support
2.Video Technical Specification
 Image Sensor 1/4 inch OV9715 CMOS image sensor 
 Pixel Million pixel
 Resolution WXGA:1280(H)*800(V)
 Day and night function Yes
 Auto Exposure Support
 Len Prime Len:8mm/F1.6 View Angle:42
 Luminance Color 0.5Lux/F1.2 B/W 0.05Lux/F1.2
 SNR > 50dB
 Gain Control Auto
 Auto White Balance Support
 Electronic shutter Auto Exposure
 Video Compression Standard H.264 Baseline Profile 3.1
 Video Compression Resolution Main stream: 720p(1280*720)/VGA(640*480)/QVGA(320*240)
 Sub stream:720p(1280*720)
 Video Frame rate Main stream (max) 30fps,Sub stream (fixed)10fps
 Video Bitrate 32K~2Mbps, manually change the bitrate level or auto adaptive bitrate
3.Audio Technical Specification
 Audio Compression Standard AMR
 Audio Bitrate 12.2Kbps
 Audio Input 1 channel, 3.5mm JACK LINE IN
 Internal high sensitive MIC, Distance: 5m
 Audio Output 1 channel, 3.5mm JACK SPEAK OUT
4.Recording Technical Specification
 Record File Format AVI file format
 Record Storage Internal TF Storage. FAT file system. Maximum 32GB 
 External USB Hard disk. FAT file system. Maximum 2TB 
 External USB Hard disk is prioritized used
 Recording mechanism The least recently used file will be deleted when the available storage is less than 10%.
 24 hours recording or scheduled recording Support. Scheduled by week day and time. Each record can be 10, 15, 30, 60 minutes long.
 Manual recording Support. User can start and stop the recording using the client application
 Alarm recording Support. The video will be recorded 5 seconds before the alarm triggered time.
 Record searching Support. Search by record time and type.
 Online Record Watching Support. User can watch the whole video or preview the key frame of the video. 
 Record management Support User can download, batch delete and one-click delete the record.
5.Alarm Technical Specification
 Alarm Level 4 levels: disable, enable, bypass, emergency
 Alarm Zone Support
 Motion Detection Alarm Support. 3 sensitivity levels: low, standard, high
 Wireless Alarm Input 433/315MHz wireless alarm detector. e.g. remote control, door sensor, smoke detector and etc.
 Wireless Alarm Output 433/315MHz wireless alarm input, e.g. photoelectric beam detector
 SMS Alarm Support
 3G Video Call Alarm Support
 Alarm Platform Support iPhone push alarm
 Alarm Video Recording Support
6.Other Technical Specification
 Ethernet 10BaseT/100BaseTX Ethernet, RJ45 port
 WiFi Wi-Fi 802.11g/n
 Infra Red Light Internal infra red light for night vision effective distance: 10~20m
 Reset Key Hold the reset key. Plug in the power cable. The factory reset will be effective after the LED indicator loops flashing in 2 colors
 WiFi Mode AP and STA mode. Switching comes into effect in 5 seconds
 SIM card slot Support. Standard USIM card.
 Clock RTC real time clock. Support NTP and remote setting.
 Voltage 12V DC
 Power Maximum power consumption12W minimum power consumption 5W
 Working Environment Working Temperature -100C~+550C,Working humidity 10%~90%

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